T-ball Camden

This is Scott posting for Courtney since obviously she has better things to do than blog.  I don’t know what, but I guess it may have something to do with having four kids at home for the summer.  And so I decided to post for her since I obviously have nothing better to do (although my “to-do” list next to me says otherwise, but if I write “blogging for Courtney” on my do-to list then I am being productive…. right?)   Ok, here it goes…

As many of you know Courtney is a HUGE baseball fan.  She has loved the game as long as she can remember.  Her favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles who play at Camden Yards.  So, when it was time to name our first born son, obviously she wanted to name him after her favorite team, but since Baltimore and Oriole were kind of lame and Ripken (her favorite player) was just too over the top (and trust me she campaigned for that one but I told her “no way”),  she settled for Camden.

As she has watched her son grow up she has dreamed of the day when he would take an interest in baseball and when the two of them could spend hours in the back yard playing catch (I think she cried at that part in Field of Dreams when the dead father and the son played catch because she thought “hey what about the mom, doesn’t she get to play too?”)  Well that time may have come for Courtney.

Camden started playing tee-ball last month.  He really seems to enjoy it, at least the hitting part.  He also enjoys tackling his own teammates or the opposing team’s players if needed.  Not sure how tackling fits into tee-ball, but I’m sure it does somehow.

Here are some pictures of Camden playing tee-ball.  His mom could not be prouder.

He is very focused

He is very focused

Prepping his bat for his next big hit

Prepping his bat for his next big hit

Playing his position (I think "left short stop" - they have that in tee-ball I guess)

Playing his position (I think "left short stop" - they have that in tee-ball I guess)

Look for more posts from Courtney coming soon (school starts in a couple weeks and then she will definitely have nothing better to do  🙂  )



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Ashlyn turned 10!

Ashlyn had her birthday on the 3rd.  I can’t believe she is 10!  I think she just got down the going to sleep at night thing.  Since she was a baby she has been a night owl.  She recently came up with the idea that if she goes to sleep good at night, which means not getting out and going to bathroom 5 times and staying up until 11, we will double her allowance for the month.  She can not miss even one single day.  I had lost all hope but this has really worked!  I feel like I am getting such a good deal!  

She is having a friend’s sleepover next week.  She is super excitied about that.  We are doing a girl and pet spa night.   

We did have a fun birthday with her on the 3rd.  One of her greatest wishes was to sleep in.  She can sleep a long time!  So we left her breakfast by her bed and took off for the gym.   We made pizzas that night and everyone got to shape their pizza and put their own toppings on it.  We had cupcakes with little chocalate flowers. 

One of Ashlyn’s favorite things to do is to design clothing.  Then she always wants to make her designs.  We thought it would be a good idea to get her a sewing machine so she can sew whenever she wants.  It is a children’s sewing machine that is perfect for her.  It doesn’t go too fast and it is a smaller then a regular one.  She loves it!

She also recently got glasses.  We took her into the doctor because she was complaining about not beeing able to see at school.  I was expecting the dc to say that she just needed to wear them to read the board.  Nope!  She is totally blind!  She has a hard time reading below the E at the top.  I felt so bad, poor girl!






This last one is us watching fireworks on the 4th.

Oh, I have to congradulate my brother an his wife for having twins on the 2nd.  They are both girls named Anna and Aubrina.  They each weighed 6 pounds!  Wow, I think Justine deserves extra blessings for that!


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So I have a question?

They changed up a whole lot of callings last week in church.  I got called to be the 2nd counselor in Relief Society.  I kind of nervous because I am in charge of Enrichment.  Hopefully it will go well 🙂 .  It was kind of nice being in RS today.  I’ve been in YW for a long time.  I kind of miss them already! 

So I wanted to get your opinion.  I would like to have more groups and I wanted to see what you guys do in your ward.  Do you have a group that you really love?  Has there been an Enrichment that was really amazing?  I just need some good ideas!

It would be weird to post something without a picture so here are some recent ones.    

We went camping with the Petersons and the Boyers and it was so much fun!  I was shocked that I liked it!  There was this river nearby that the kids accidently fell in and then had so much fun playing.  It had real fossil footprints!  The kids had so much fun with the Peterson’s dog.  I think walking her was the highlight of their trip.  I think they got all their doggie love out that weekend.  🙂





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Camden’s birthday. (Edited with recipe!)

Camden turned 5 on the 14th.  He was so excited!  For months he was asking when May would come.  We make a special dinner for birthdays.  They can request their favorite meal.  Camden wanted Taco Salad.  I love Taco Salad!  I got it from Hilary who got it from Erin.  It really rocks!  I love making salads in the summer because they are so fresh and I don’t have to bake something which make our kitchen a lot hotter.   Camden usually has 3 or 4 servings of Taco salad.  The funny thing is that he doesn’t like salad.  He loves the chips, beans, cheese, and meat part of it.  He will maybe eat a couple of bites of the salad.  Maybe I should make him nachos!


He got a Webkinz from Ashlyn and Brinley.  He was thrilled!  He has been wanting to get a Webkinz for a long time.  It was a huskey which is his favorite animal so he was so happy. 



This is Beckem.  He is mad that he couldn’t have Camden’s presents. 




Camden is such great boy.  He has been learning so much this year so that he can be ready for Kindergarten.  He is going to start baseball in the summer.  It is amazing how far he has come.  He is getting more confident is himself too.  He even asked the people at Dairy Queen where he food was (it was taking them a while and he was hungry).  We love him so much!

Here is the recipe! 

Taco Salad

head of lettuce (I like bags and we use 1/2 of a bag)

2-3 tomatoes (I opt out of this because they make me gag)

2-3 green onions, chopped

1 can of chili beans

2 cups shredded cheese

1 lb cooked ground beef

1 bag of crushed tortilla chips (i just crush a bunch and see if it looks good)

Mix in large bowl and add sauce.


1 cup mayo

1/4 c taco sauce

1/2 pkg taco seasoning

That’s it.  Super easy and really good!


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We have been up to something.

Is anyone freaked out that it is May?  Our kids get out of school in less then a month.  That is nuts!  Here is what we have been up too. 


Scott went to youth conference.  They went into the wilderness of TX and had the poineer experience.  Scott had a great time!  They walked 10-13 the first day.  Scott was an Indian and his job was to enhance the poineers experience 🙂 . 

The week after the trek Scott took the girls to MD for his Grandma’s 90th birthday.  The girls had so much fun!  They felt so special to be going just with their Dad on a trip.  Scott got to see family tha he had not seen for many years. 

The girls also did a 1 mile run with Scott.  They had so much fun!  We are going to try to have them do a 5K in the fall when it cools down.  This run was a dog run too.  They were running with a bunch of dogs.  It was a dream come true for them.  Better there then in my house 🙂 



Camden had his preschool program too.  His class sang 2 songs.  He does not like this kind of stuff.  We just found out recently that he does know a couple primary songs.  We were just happy that he got up there and did some hand motions.  For one of the songs he had to wear a hat.  He also has an adversion to hats.  So singing a song in front of a bunch of people while wearing a hat is way to much for the little guy.  He did not wear the hat.  🙂  Here is proof that he doesn’t like hats:




Scott and Camden went on the outing this month.  Camden wanted to go to a Rangers game.  Scott loves it that he likes baseball.  We are going to have him play T ball this summer.  Oh, the hat thing, hmm we will have to really work on that.


What have I been up to?  I have been trying not to go crazy since I can’t work out.  Scott and I were driving somewhere listening to a sports medicane guy and he was talking about cycling.  I can’t wait to cycle!  I have filled my life with lots of projects, I love a good project.  We put a ceiling fan in our kitchen.  It gets so in hot there! 


I redid our family room minus paint because lets be real I am not going that crazy.   


The kids each did their own painting.  They had so much fun getting messy.  I have a hard time with messy kid projects but I am really glad I let them have fun.  I think they turned out great.  I gave them all the same color paint so that it would be cohesive.


I did this painting a while ago and I wanted to just change it up so I swapped out the background color. 


These are from Target that I got on sale.  We got these Ikea shelves a while ago.  I decided when we moved into our house that I wasn’t going to put up anything that I did not love.  I hate filling space with stuff just to have stuff out that I don’t even like.  When we got the shelves I figured it would be like a year until I found suff that was cute, cheap, and kid friendly.  That is a lot of pressure :).   


I have done a lot more stuff but here is how desperate I am getting.  Yup, I cleaned the oven. 


Oh, I did get another layout published!  It is in Simple Scrapbooks.  This was their last issue.  It is so sad how the magazine industry has been hit so hard by the economy. 


This is from the summer when Scott and I went to Seattle for our vacation while my parents watched the kids.


Oh, for all you locals.  My sister in law Iris is having a jewelry party at her house this weekend.  It should be lots of fun! There will be snacks and free jewelry given away.  It is at her house on Saturday at noon.  The jewelry is from Lia Sophia.  Let me know if you want to go and we can ride togethor or I will give you her address. 

PS- Wasn’t General Conference amazing!  I love this one (especially during this rough economic time) and this one (I think that is my new motto, I am doing a great work and cannot come down).


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A busy life.

We have been really busy the last few weeks. I had surgery on Friday. I have had a polyp that I needed to be removed for a couple years. Since I had to have surgery anyway I thought that maybe the doctor could fix my bladder. I think the kids messed up my bladder. It has gone downhill with each pregnancy. The surgery went great! I had to be awake during it so the doctor could test my bladder. It was actually not too bad. I had a hard recovery. I passed out (a real scary feeling) (a bad reaction the the spinal, which by the way is way easier to get when I am not in labor and having to bend over and hold that position while I am having a contractions thinking that if I moved I will be paralyzed). I felt very weak for a while too. After I got home and ate some Sonic I felt much better. I took a nap and then I felt really good. The surgery was at 7 and we didn’t get home until 3. I was planning on being home by 12. Maria Keeton came over and watched the kids. She is so sweet!  In a few months when I am recovered I will have to test the power of my bladder by doing a jumping jack and sneezing at the same time.  🙂  Scott has been taking really good care of me.  He is a great guy!  My parent’s sent me flowers, they are so nice!  


I wanted to get everything in order before my sugery but guess what happened? Brinley got lice! I know again. What is with our house! Thank goodness no one else got it. Scott was working A LOT too so he helped when he could.  I do not wish lice on my worst enemy.  The sad thing is that we bag all the stuffed animals up and put them in the garage for a few weeks.  Brinley sleeps with a bunch of elephants.  She loves elephants.  She cried until her face got red and puffy, it was so sad.    

I bought a Dyson! I think my world is forever changed. Erin sells things on Craig’s list all the time so I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t want to pay full price for it. I found a listing for a Dyson ball that was located close to us. It was 6 months old and half the price. I went to check it out on Thursday. As I was driving there I was thinking that I am going to some strange persons house with a lot of money in my purse! This can not be good. Thank goodness they turned out to be nice people! I tested the vacuum and it tested great. I have a great vacuum and I didn’t get beat up in the process. I really love it! I can totally tell a difference. I have never been so happy to vacuum in all my life.



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A half marathon and a marathon.

This is Scott editing Courtney’s post – not because I don’t think she did a good job, but because I wanted to tell my side of the story. I kept much of what Courtney said in here – even though some parts I wanted to take out. Ok, here it goes – Courtney’s post edited by me – Scott 

I ran a half marathon in Ft. Worth a couple Saturdays ago. It was to be my last one for a while (lots of reasons – topic for another blog post maybe). Anyway, I did great (Courtney wrote that initially so I didn’t want to change it. I think I did only ok, but she has lower expectations of me than I do of me. This is good as it makes her much easier to please!)  Of course the whole week before the race was beautiful, 70 degrees.  That day, it was 30 degrees and super windy.  Courtney and the kids came to see me and they were bundled in hats, gloves, coats, and Nintendos. Of course the camera didn’t work when I passed them at the finish line so you all can’t see my gazelle like form and the grace in which I sailed into the finish line!  Here is a picture of the kids and one of me with my friend who I run with. (Courtney wanted that picture there so I’m leaving it. I’m the one on the right.)


So the day I ran the race was also the day of the adult session of Stake Conference. Luckily the Priesthood leadership was at 4pm so I had some time to prepare and recover from the race.  Well the Stake President had called us the day before and wanted to meet with us.  Of course that only means a few things – a release, a new calling to serve, or a call to repentance. Our good friends had mentioned that they were also meeting with the Stake pres right before us.  We put 2 and 2 together and figured out that I was going to be released as the EQ President.   I had served for 2 years, but figured I had a little more time. Courtney was even preparing herself for another year.  I knew she could do it!  When I got called 2 1/4 years ago it was only four days after Beckem (or Caden as he was known is those days 🙂    ) was born.  Courtney’s birthday was on a Friday – the day we got home from the hospital and early Saturday morning I received a call to meet with the Stake President the next day – Sunday. Of course the Stake President wanted to meet with Courtney too but she was out of it (her words, not mine.)  So he issued the call but before he would accept my willingness to serve he asked, “if your wife was here, what would she say?” I told him she would support me, because that is what she does. He said he would call her anyway, and I know she appreciated that. The next day he called. She accepted, and then the stake president told her that my first priority was to be to her and the kids and if she ever needed me to stay home, she was to tell me. If I didn’t listed to her – she was to tell him.

So, I was set apart the next week and Courtney, her mom, and Caden-Beckem-Sterling were there to be a part of it. Her mom was leaving that day and she gets really nervous when her Mom leaves after she has a baby.  She is just not sure that leaving her with the kids alone is such a good idea. (her words not mine)  🙂  So, now Courtney was left with four kids – one of which was a little over a week old. I went out that next Tuesday on elder’s quorum visits and Courtney was left for the first time with four kids by herself.  Scary but somehow she made it! (again – her words not mine. I knew she could do it.)

Flash back a couple summers ago. We went to Portland and decided to leave the kids with Courtney’s parents for a few days while we went to Seattle to celebrate our anniversary.  We were there on a Sunday and so we decided to find a ward a go to sacrement.  We were kind of excited because not being in our ward meant no responsibility for me and Courtney did not have to get the kids all ready for church by herself. This was going to be nice!

It was fast Sunday so we were wondering if we would get some crazy ward that would have an entertaining testimony meeting like we had a few years prior with the Bennions. At that fast and testimony meeting in Park City some sister said that if her friend didn’t ever marry she could marry her husband in the next life – what is that!  And then this other guy told about his drug related sins.  Oh that poor bishop!

Anyway, this random ward’s testimony meeting was amazing!  There was this sister who was in a wheel chair that bore her testimony.  She talked about her husband being in a leadership position and on the nights he would have visits she would get really upset.  She would be grumpy and have a short temper with the kids.  She was wondering why her husband had to go out and serve and leave her home with the kids.  Because of her disability she had a hard time just doing the basics and having her husband there helped so much.  Then one day she realized how much he was helping other people, and she had the spirit cofirm to her that he was doing a great work and that her supporting him was also a part of that great work.  After that experience her attitude changed.  She told us that after that day she wanted her husband to serve.  She needed those blessings just as much as he did.  And she got those blessing just as much as he did even though she was not the one physically serving.  Her outlook changed and when he would go to serve she would say “Go get us some blessings.” (quote from Courtney here: – “I have thought of that meeting often.  I needed to hear that.  I am not in a wheelchair like this sister.  I don’t have to go through as much to clean the kitchen or put my kids to bed.  We need blessings and I want to have those blessings.  The other thing I have thought of was that was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father for us to be at that meeting.  He knew I needed to hear that and He provided a sister’s testimony for me.  I think how easy it would have been to not go to church.  We went and were so blessed.  Our families our blessed when one persons serves. I have seen so many blessing from this.  I actually have felt so privedged to have had this experience.  I have seen my husband grow and become such a great husband and father.  Not that he wasn’t before (remember this is Courtney speaking now, not me!)  I didn’t think there was room for improvement.  And not to say that I didn’t complain sometimes.  I think life can get overwhelming.  But I know I need all the blessings I could get.” 

Ok, back to real time. Well, Courtney thought my being released as EQ president would give us a break, even just a week.  The bishop called us in on Wednesday and asked me to be the YM President.  So, while I thought I was done running marathons for a season, I am really working on my next one. An actual maraton is a test of endurance and I run for the joy of finishing – it is a great felling to finish. I know my family will be with me at the finish line of this next marathon, and all the ones we run together in our life. That is what we do.

Now, let’s all go get us some blessings!


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