T-ball Camden

This is Scott posting for Courtney since obviously she has better things to do than blog.  I don’t know what, but I guess it may have something to do with having four kids at home for the summer.  And so I decided to post for her since I obviously have nothing better to do (although my “to-do” list next to me says otherwise, but if I write “blogging for Courtney” on my do-to list then I am being productive…. right?)   Ok, here it goes…

As many of you know Courtney is a HUGE baseball fan.  She has loved the game as long as she can remember.  Her favorite team is the Baltimore Orioles who play at Camden Yards.  So, when it was time to name our first born son, obviously she wanted to name him after her favorite team, but since Baltimore and Oriole were kind of lame and Ripken (her favorite player) was just too over the top (and trust me she campaigned for that one but I told her “no way”),  she settled for Camden.

As she has watched her son grow up she has dreamed of the day when he would take an interest in baseball and when the two of them could spend hours in the back yard playing catch (I think she cried at that part in Field of Dreams when the dead father and the son played catch because she thought “hey what about the mom, doesn’t she get to play too?”)  Well that time may have come for Courtney.

Camden started playing tee-ball last month.  He really seems to enjoy it, at least the hitting part.  He also enjoys tackling his own teammates or the opposing team’s players if needed.  Not sure how tackling fits into tee-ball, but I’m sure it does somehow.

Here are some pictures of Camden playing tee-ball.  His mom could not be prouder.

He is very focused

He is very focused

Prepping his bat for his next big hit

Prepping his bat for his next big hit

Playing his position (I think "left short stop" - they have that in tee-ball I guess)

Playing his position (I think "left short stop" - they have that in tee-ball I guess)

Look for more posts from Courtney coming soon (school starts in a couple weeks and then she will definitely have nothing better to do  🙂  )



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9 responses to “T-ball Camden

  1. Brtttany

    Haha! Scott I love that you said Courtney is the fan of baseball! I think not! It is so you! Go Camden for playing t-ball!

  2. Gwen

    I love his 1st picture! He is so cute! I’m more of a basketball girl myself. After reading about Camden’s t-ball, I just may become a t-ball fan. Goooooooooo CAMDEN!!!!!

  3. Courtney

    Ya, I think I did totally cry in Field of Dreams, or was it the last weeks What Not to Wear. Hmm, I will totally have to think about that.

  4. Lisa Meyer

    That is the funniest post I have ever read. Courtney a baseball fan Ha ha!! You know she goes because she loves you and you are the real fan.

  5. Courtney your ghost writer is a pretty clever writer. Love the pics of Camden. I am sure glad you didn’t give into the Ripken name. I can just picture the problems with that name.

  6. I LOVE the name Ripkin! Total Jeffords name! I think you should have gone for it! I love Camden though and I think it is perfect for him! We miss you guys and I don’t know how to school shop with out having done a job or two for Scott! Hope all is well! 🙂

  7. Sharlene

    Wait, so I am confused. Is Courtney a baseball fan? Was Camden really named after Camden Yards?

  8. Courtney

    Camden was really named after Camden Yards. I actually just really loved the name. It just happen to be the stadium that Baltimore plays in. Scott loves baseball and was super thrilled that I loved the name Camden. I like going to baseball games but Scott’s the fan in the family.

  9. Awesome post Scott!! I learned so much about Courtney’s love for baseball! I didn’t know! 😉 You are hysterical. Have you ever thought of being a writer???

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